Hi, I’m Ronnie.

I’m a Cyber Security enthusiast and this is my blogging site.

Currently, I hold four professional level certifications, Offensive Security’s OSCP, Cisco’s CCNA and CCENT, and CompTIA’s A+. Currently, I am looking to take Offensive Security’s CTP (Cracking The Perimeter) course, and the OSCE exam, as well as CompTIA’s Security+.

I’m a huge supporter of HackTheBox.eu, a virtual pen testing lab that allows penetration testers to compete in a year round CTF event to exploit systems, I owe a lot of my success to them. New systems are uploaded on a weekly basis ranging from CVE levels of diffiulty to custom exploitation. When I’m not exploiting systems I typically volunteer my time in the HackTheBox Discord server, you can stop by here if you like!